Luxury Cake

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Size: 6 Inch
6 Inch
8 Inch
10 Inch
Flavour: Chocolate
Chocolate mud
White chocolate mud
Caramel mud
Product description

Our Luxury cake is just beautiful and perfect for your special occasion, it comes with your choice of chocolate or vanilla cake with a black buttercream base gold or silver leaf around the sides, black chocolate drip and is loaded on top with Oreo, Toblerone, Malteasers, Ferrero Rocher and Mars bar and a gold or silver happy birthday topper to finish it off. Pricing does not include gold or silver drip



Cake Sizing:

6 Inch- 12-14 serves

8 Inch-20-25 serves

10 Inch-28-39 serves

Cake comes as pictured, as all of our cakes are made by hand slight variations may occur.


Gluten Free Disclaimer- While our Chocolate mud cake can be ordered gluten free, Buttercream Frosting and all of our fillings are Gluten free we are not Soley a Gluten free kitchen and we do prepare other items containing gluten so do not recommend consuming if you are celiac as we cannot 100% guarantee there will not be cross contamination somewhere in the baking and making process. If you purchase and consume you do so knowing it is at your own risk and we will not be held accountable.