Hi, my name is Narissa

I am a mother of three wonderful children, wife and the owner of Crazy For Cake a little cakery located in the beautiful suburb of Bellerive in Tasmania.

My interest in all things sweet started when I was growing up, I would spend every weekend with my grandparents. My Grand Mother had a massive sweet tooth and loved to bake, she would bake with me for hours on end teaching me how to create so many different delicious treats this is when my love of making sweets (and eating them too) was born. We would spend every weekend baking together creating many different sweets to share with the family, Nan was especially fond of her jelly cakes filled with cream, they were a regular staple in our family and loved by everyone.

RIP Nan 13/11/1945-5/04/23 Life is a little less sweet without you.

My Grand Father is creative and helped me find my creative flair, I fondly remember the long hours sitting with him in awe of his artistic talent as he would hand carve pictures into wood, build random items and paint realistic amazing pictures hoping that I to would one day have even half of his talent. Grand dad and I spent many hours creating, painting and drawing together, with him trying to teach me all the artistic skills he had. I still to this day consider him a true artist and am still in awe of his raw talent.

It wasn’t until 2016 when I decided to make my sons birthday cake on a budget that I came to the realisation that it was something I thoroughly enjoyed, those days spent baking with my grandmother had built a love for creating sweets and of course the artistic side of painting and creating with my grand father helped with designing and decorating cakes, I had of course just swapped out the paint and canvas for cake and icing.

The rest is history from that day forward I continued working on my skills in cake making and built my knowledge over time expanding from doing cakes for family and friends to making them for customers and the love continued to grow, it wasn’t until 2021 that the opportunity to have a physical store popped up and I took it with out a second thought. It has been a tough gig, with many curve balls thrown my way, but I am 100% devoted to turning my love of cake into a long term business so I can continue doing the job I love for many many years to come.

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