Hi, my name is Narissa

Crazy For Cake is an online store, with a home base in the beautiful suburb of Bellerive in Tasmania, and was grown from the love of all things sweet and a massive sweet tooth created by my grandmother.

My interest in all things sweet began when I was growing up, I would spend every weekend with my grandparents. My Grand Mother had a massive sweet tooth and loved to bake, she would bake with me for hours on end teaching me how to create so many different delicious treats this is when my love of making sweets (and eating them too) was born. We would spend every weekend baking together creating many different sweets to share with the family. Since then my love has continued to grow and thus here we are! Crazy For Cake!

RIP Nan 13/11/1945-5/04/23 Life is a little less sweet without you.

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